106 Things To Do On Club Penguin!

1.Say this really fast: Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie
2. Follow a person yelling ‘IM HUNGRY!’ & throw snowballs at them everytime they talk.

3.Switch your penguins clothes really fast
4. Go up the stairs in the Lighthouse & throw snowballs at the people on stage.
5. Invite a random penguin to your igloo, but don’t go.
6. Go around saying ‘Party at my place on map!’, but don’t open your igloo. (Works best on a crowded server.)
7. Go to someone’s igloo & keep saying ‘woot!’ while running around (make sure someone is in the igloo first though…)
8. Go to the DJ table in the Night Club & start singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.
9. Sit on the ground & say ‘Throw snowballs at me!’
10. Try to catch only grey fish in Ice Fishing. I’ve tried, it can’t be done, but it’s fun!
11. Go to the Town & ask ‘Wheres the town?’.
12. Ask someone to play Hide & Seek with you, then tell them they have to hide. Then don’t look for them.
13. Go up to someone and say: “Hi”. Then Follow them Saying “Hi”
14. Walk around saying “Where is clubpenguin?”
15. Go into the HQ and say “Where is the HQ”
16. GO to the Gift shop and say “I would like some pizza please”.
17. Go to a place underconstruction and say “Construction Done”
18. Go around singing a song from High School Musical.
19. Say “Hey You!” (See how many people say “What?”
20. Go to the Light House and say “The Light is off.”
21. Go around saying “Rockhopper’s ship at the Dock.”
22. Say you are the lifeguard then say you can’t swim.
23. Heart someone, then wait for them to heart you back then make a sick face.
24. Go around asking why CP needs a boiler room
25. Say you met Aunt Artic
26. Say you met G.
27. Say you met Billybob
28. Say you met Rsnail
29. Say you met Happy77
30. Say you met Sensei
31. Say You met Screen Hog
32. Say you know where (insert famous blogger here)
33. Say you know where (insert moderator here)
34. Say you know where Rockhopper Island is.
35. Go around dressed like a girl and say you are a boy!
36. Go around dressed like a boy and say you are a girl!
37. Go to the Cove and Scream “Shark!”
38. Go to the iceburg and say “This is a big Ice Cube!”
39. Go to the Dojo and say you are a ninja (helps if you have a mask on.)
40. Go to the Puffle store and say “I want a rainbow puffle.”
41. Go to the Puffle store and say “Adopt me.
42. (Countinues off of 37.) Once adopted run away.
43. Go up to the DJ Board in the Night Club and say “Here is a slow one for the Ladies.”
44. Go to the Forest and Say “Bear!”

46. Say “everyone follow me.” Then ask “Where are we going?”
47. Go to the Ticket Booth and say “Sorry sold out!”
48. Go around saying Tacotacotacotacotacotacotacotacotacotaco
49. Go to the Tour Booth and say “Sorry no tours available.”
50. Sit down at the Ice Rink and say “I am the puck.”
51. Follow people and say Poke Poke Poke Poke And whenever they ask a question WHY WHY WHY WHY??????? (thanks Detroit for the idea)
52. Tell people you found Rockhopper island.
53. Go to the cove and put a really werid duck suit on so you look like a werid duck. Say: Moo!
54. (Add on to #12) After you ask where the town is ask “can I ask you one more thing?” and when they say *yes* you say “Wheres the town?”
55. Okay so if you see a couple (to people hearting one another) ask to be their friends. If one says “My igloo” go with them. They will say leave. Don’t.
56. So go around saying “Tour Here tour Here” After that go around to areas and give them wrong information. For example. Your in the town. “Hello and welcome to the Beacon.”
57. (Another version of 52) Put your tour guide hat on. Go up to someone and say “Waa! I just did the test for this hat! I don’t know where club penguin is!”
58. Go to a room that is waiting for a famous penguin. Announce the famous penguin is else where.
59. While in big crowds if there is silence say “I like Turtles
60. Go to the Dojo and say “I am the new Sensei.”
61. (Note must have a puffle) Take your puffle and say “I don’t own a puffle.” See how many people resond.
62. Tell people you are part of Rockhoppers crew.
63. (Add on to 57.) Tell people to be on Rockhopper’s Crew they must say “(Insert name) is the best.”
64. (Add on to 57-58) Tell the people who said that are not allowed into the crew. If they ask why say “Because I am the best”
65. Go to the Pizza Parlor and ask for a pizza. When you get it say “Hey I didnt ask for pizza! I asked for a drink!”
66. Go to the Pizza parlor and ask for a Crabby Patty.
67. (Add-On to 60) If they say no then say “Well I am going to the coffee shop!”
68. At the Pizza Parlor if there is a manager say “I am the manager!”
69. Dress as if you are rich. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Say “How much do you want for the fine establishment?” If they make a price say “RIP OFF!”
70. If you see two penguins hearting each other heart one too. Then say “Uh, we’re breaking up!”
71. Go to a girl that is hearting a guy. Heart her. Watch the reaction. (Works best if you look like a guy)
72. Dress the oposite gender. If someone says “Any Guys/Girl available” go to them. After they heart you say “Uh I’m not a boy/girl. I’m a boy/girl.
73. Say you have an orange puffle.
74. Say you are made of candy.
75. Say you drank to much Soda.
76. Act Hyper.
77. Put on propeler cap and say “I believe I can Fly!”
78. Go to the Hockey Rink and ask “What happened to the Soccer Pitch”
79. During the play “Quest for the Golden puffle” say “I’m indiana jones!”
80. Go to the ninja hideout with a white belt. Say “Where am I”
81. If you have the blue book say “SHHHH!!!! I’m reading!”
82. If someone asks “where’s the pin” say follow me. Then say “Where’s the Pin”
83. (Variation of 82) ask “What’s a pin?”
84. (Variation of 83) ask “Wait what were we looking for?”
85. Put on the newest items and announce you are rare.
86. Go to the beach. Sit next to the Lighthouse. Say “look a giant candy cane!”
87. Press E+T and say “Oops I pooted.”
88. (Variation of 88) Say “Oops I did it again”
89. Go to the sports shop and ask “Do you sell Pizza Here?”
90. Go to the Ski Louge. Face the mullet hangin. Say “I caught that!”
91. Go to the Mine Shack. Say “I made this!” Make sure people are there.
92. Go to the Upstairs of Ski lounge. If the AC300 is there say “Ahh! Now I am cooled off.”
93. Go to Pizza Shop. Ask for pizza. Make sick face.
94. Go to the dock. Face speed boat. Say “MY SPEED BOAT!”
95. Go to the pool. Say “oops. I went potty.”
96. Go to any area. Make sure people are there. Say “I GOT TO GO POTTY!”
97. Go to the Pizza Shop/Coffee Shop. Say “I have a coupon!”
98. (Variation of 96.) Say “Is everything here free?”
99. If you have the whistle blow it. CONSTANTLY!
100. If there are fireworks say “Pretty Colors!”
101. Go to the Surf Shack. Ask why there is a jet pack in it.
102. Tell everyone that you can see “Rockhopper Island in the telescope.”
103. Go to the cove and sit infront of the fire. Then say “My Buns are burning!”
104. If there is a member only party dress as a nonmember and enter.
105. Put on a wizard hat and marshmallow stick and say your harry potter

106. Go up to a couple and say cheater (credit goes to brittney2b2b)

Got this from http://yogipen.wordpress.com/


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15 05 2009

i have another good one; go up to a couple and say cheater!

16 04 2009
popular babe

hi!do u have 2 pay 2 make a website?

Skyninja:You could make a website for free but you have to pay for additional features I think

19 03 2009




super rare member contest!

Skyninja: Ok! I will add you to your blogroll. But can I be an author?

plz add me to blogroll plz or comment on my site plz!


i add you to my blogroll you add me to urs


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