Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin!!!!!

25 02 2009

Yay rockhopper is coming to club penguin!  I can’t wait!  If you find him then he’ll give you a “prize”.  So go find rockhopper on club penguin!



Poptropica Astro knights sneak peek,and New Poptropica outfits that the creators are working on

24 02 2009

There’s another astro knights sneak peek on the poptropica blog. Here’s the picture

It looks like in Astro Knights island,we’ll be in a science lab. In the glass containers,there seems to be some kind of alien life form in there…

Also here’s the new outfits that the creators are working on

They look cool…sort of. And for the club penguin party I’m going to do,expect it to come in 3 or more weeks.

1,000 hits!!!!,last chance for puffle party

23 02 2009

I have 1,000 hits on my blog now!!! YAY!!!!

Create your own Animation

I seriously don’t know why I put that movie of a creepy talking tomato in this post. I might celebrate my blog having 1,000 by doing a party on club penguin but I’m not sure…

And today is your last chance for the puffle party. So you better hurry and look for all of the areas! I’ll tell you the areas.

green puffle party-on top of the lighthouse
blue puffle party-forest
red puffle party-cove and the beach
yellow puffle party- lighthouse
black puffle party-the cave (it got turned into a skatepark)
pink puffle party-iceberg
purple puffle party- dance club


Cool Storm’s Snapshot Sagas #2

22 02 2009

Note: This isn’t what I look like in Poptropica now. I changed the look of my character after the picture was taken.

While I was sailing to Early Poptropica,there was a storm. The storm made me go off course and then in the morning,my ship crashed into a unusual island that wasn’t Early Poptropica! So I checked my Poptropica map to see where I was

it turns out that I was in Shark Tooth Island! A guy with a cup of coconut milk in his hand saw me and let me have free breakfast at his restaurant called the Coconut Cafe! The breakfast there was delicious! It had coconut milk,coconut waffles,coconut pancakes,and well you get the point. When I was just finishing my breakfast,I saw another person eating breakfast too! Her name is “Maroon Glove”. So I took a picture of her:

Maroon Glove

Maroon Glove

We played hoops and paint war. After I left I saw the coconut cafe guy looking at my coconut raft. He said that I could travel to another island in the Poptropica blimp since the raft is damaged. I felt stupid since I didn’t notice the blimp and it was everywhere in the mainstreets of the islands. I waved good-bye to all of the people at Shark Tooth Island and I got in the Poptropica blimp searching for new islands to explore.

Club Penguin Puffle Party and new Poptropica advertisement building

20 02 2009

Sorry that I haven’t posted for three days. But anyway the Club Penguin puffle party is out!! YAY!! But just for the sake of time I’m only going to show you one picture of it:

And there’s a new advertisement building in Poptropica! It’s a high school musical ad (even though I don’t like that movie). I was going to upload pictures of it but stupid won’t let me.

Here’s the plot of the movie (it’s so boring it makes me want to fall asleep) :
HSM banner:


Here’s a video :
But wait! Don’t stop looking around! There’s also quiz and some high school musical costumes!


And those are the high school musical ad pics. Let’s just hope there’s not Hannah Montana advertisement buildings (something I hate even more than high school musical)…

Poptropica Creators working on “super-special” outfits,New poll on Poptropica creators blog, tips for taking care of your puffle(s), new advertisement building in Poptropica,and Club Penguin cheats page updated and new page on my blog

17 02 2009

On the Poptropica blog,it said the Poptropica creators are working on some “super special” outfits. Here’s the picture:


At first I thought it was for Astro Knights island but until I saw the lion costume I thought it might be for a different island they’re working on or I might be wrong. What island do you think the costumes are for? There’s A new poll on the Poptropica creators blog called,what is your favorite part of Big Nate island? The choices are collecting comic pieces,clubhouse games,scuba diving,jet ski race,making the stink bomb,blowing bubbles,reading comics,meeting characters,and exploring the island. Apparently,”making the stink bomb is winning. And I have tips for taking care of your puffles on club penguin.

My puffle

My puffle

You might notice that they play with the furniture by themselves. Well,it’s better that you tell them to do it than the puffles eating the food by themselves. If you let them play around your igloo by themselves to much,their health will go down and they might run away. And also,there’s a new advertisement building on Poptropica! It’s a advertisement of fruit snacks called yogos (they taste disgusting)! You have to win some games to win a “yogos bucks suit”. Here’s some pictures of the building:

The outside

The outside

And the inside

And the inside

The Club Penguin cheats page is updated and there’s a new page on my blog.  It’s called “awesome poptropica costumes”.

And, now I’m done. This took a really long time to post!

Astro Knights Island Sneak Peek, New Club Penguin Toys,And Puffle Party Info

16 02 2009

This picture is definitely for astro knights island. Here’s the picture:


In the picture,Ned Noodle head seems to be holding a crystal. Maybe it’s going to be one of the items in the island! 😀

Also,in the Club Penguin blog the Club Penguin support team is working on some new club penguin toys! Here’s the picture:


They’ll be available in North American Toys’R’Us locations, North American Disney Stores and Theme Parks, at the Club Penguin Online Shop, and in Disney Stores in the UK.

Get the toys fast because they’re limited edition :wink:!

Oh,and I almost forgot. The puffle party starts Feb,20. Be sure to bring your puffles! Here’s some info from the club penguin newspaper: