Club Penguin Puffle Party And Some Updates (my first Club Penguin Post)

13 02 2009

There are some new stuff (and strange stuff)on Club Penguin (the penguin skyninja3 is me!). There is going to be a puffle party coming soon. You know that since there is a ad in the plaza about it:

Puffle party!!  Don't forget to bring  your puffles!

and you also see some penguins at work signs… maybe they’re building a new room on club penguin? Also,in the iceberg you see a box:


The box is definitely for the puffle party. It’s obvious that Disney is working on something new in Club Penguin. Also,in the movie theater, there’s a dodgeball thing. Blue Vs Red. Choose your side.


There is a new clothing catalog on Club Penguin for February:


Don’t forget to get new clothes for your penguin!

There’s another box for the puffle party at the pool:


It seems like the “penguins at work” drained the pool.

Oh,and I almost forgot. If you’re looking for the box of puffle-o’s then its in the cave Here’s the picture:


And that’s the end of my first Club Penguin post. Hope you liked it!