Cool Storm’s Snapshot Sagas #1

15 02 2009

I’m making a new series on my blog called “Cool Storm’s Snapshot Sagas”! You’ll see new parts every Sunday. It’s kind of like the snapshot sagas on poptropica creators b blog. Why I’m doing this? Because everyone needs a good story on one of the most boringest days of the week! enjoy!

I was in Nabooti Island ready to take pictures of Poptropicans all around a tropical island named “Poptropica”. I was done building a coconut raft in Nabooti and I wanted to sail to Early Poptropica. But before I go there,I wanted to take a picture of the Poptropicans who live in Nabooti Island. So I went to fly by night airlines and I saw dozens of Poptropicans chatting with each other and playing sky dive. I looked at planes that were sailing to different islands on Poptropica. I saw a Poptropican Named “Prickley Runner” so I took a picture of her and here it is:

Prickley Runner

Prickley Runner

I got to my coconut raft and to Early Poptropica I went!