Poptropica Creators working on “super-special” outfits,New poll on Poptropica creators blog, tips for taking care of your puffle(s), new advertisement building in Poptropica,and Club Penguin cheats page updated and new page on my blog

17 02 2009

On the Poptropica blog,it said the Poptropica creators are working on some “super special” outfits. Here’s the picture:


At first I thought it was for Astro Knights island but until I saw the lion costume I thought it might be for a different island they’re working on or I might be wrong. What island do you think the costumes are for? There’s A new poll on the Poptropica creators blog called,what is your favorite part of Big Nate island? The choices are collecting comic pieces,clubhouse games,scuba diving,jet ski race,making the stink bomb,blowing bubbles,reading comics,meeting characters,and exploring the island. Apparently,”making the stink bomb is winning. And I have tips for taking care of your puffles on club penguin.

My puffle

My puffle

You might notice that they play with the furniture by themselves. Well,it’s better that you tell them to do it than the puffles eating the food by themselves. If you let them play around your igloo by themselves to much,their health will go down and they might run away. And also,there’s a new advertisement building on Poptropica! It’s a advertisement of fruit snacks called yogos (they taste disgusting)! You have to win some games to win a “yogos bucks suit”. Here’s some pictures of the building:

The outside

The outside

And the inside

And the inside

The Club Penguin cheats page is updated and there’s a new page on my blog.  It’s called “awesome poptropica costumes”.

And, now I’m done. This took a really long time to post!




5 responses

29 03 2009

I ❤ ❤ ❤ poptropica! also Club Penguin, which do u think is the best??????

29 03 2009

hey! can i ask u where is the yogos buck in??! thx

Skyninja:It was in Early Poptropica but now it’s gone. Sorry.

23 03 2009

how can i get on the creators password and username for poptropica

Skyninja: Why would you want to do that?

5 03 2009

i wish there was more maps

Skyninja: Me too.

29 03 2009

i do wish too!!

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