Cool Storm’s Snapshot Sagas #2

22 02 2009

Note: This isn’t what I look like in Poptropica now. I changed the look of my character after the picture was taken.

While I was sailing to Early Poptropica,there was a storm. The storm made me go off course and then in the morning,my ship crashed into a unusual island that wasn’t Early Poptropica! So I checked my Poptropica map to see where I was

it turns out that I was in Shark Tooth Island! A guy with a cup of coconut milk in his hand saw me and let me have free breakfast at his restaurant called the Coconut Cafe! The breakfast there was delicious! It had coconut milk,coconut waffles,coconut pancakes,and well you get the point. When I was just finishing my breakfast,I saw another person eating breakfast too! Her name is “Maroon Glove”. So I took a picture of her:

Maroon Glove

Maroon Glove

We played hoops and paint war. After I left I saw the coconut cafe guy looking at my coconut raft. He said that I could travel to another island in the Poptropica blimp since the raft is damaged. I felt stupid since I didn’t notice the blimp and it was everywhere in the mainstreets of the islands. I waved good-bye to all of the people at Shark Tooth Island and I got in the Poptropica blimp searching for new islands to explore.




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