April Fools Party and card jitsu thing

30 03 2009

Club Penguin is going to have an April fools party on April fools day!

The Cp blog said there will be lots of surprises in the party.

Card Jitsu

In early April,there will be a new set of puffle trading cards.

You could enter codes to get new cards!


Ice Sculpture Contest On Club Penguin and a new poll on Poptropica creator’s blog

19 03 2009

Ok. I missed out on a lot of stuff. But anyway,there’s an ice sculpture thing on club penguin! If you send them your drawing then they’ll give you 10,000 coins!


And there’s a poll on the Poptropica creators’ blog about your favorite characters.

Club Penguin St.Patrick’s day Party!!!!

13 03 2009

Today is the ST. Patrick’s day Party on Club Penguin! They redesigned club penguin to fit the theme.








Looks like the movie theater is under construction…


If you go to the coffee shop then you’d get a leprachaun hat. And go to ski hill for a clover pin.

New Poptropica Advertisement

12 03 2009

This time it’s a pinocchio ad. Note: Only 9-11 year olds could see the advertisement building.


Inside the building there’s a quiz:


Some costumes: (of course)



And that was a boring tour.

Club Penguin St. Patrick’s day party,and New post on Poptropica creators’ blog

10 03 2009

As you know,there’s a party every month (except for a few exceptions) on club penguin. This time the party is going to be about St. Patrick’s day and it’s starting this Friday!


New Post on Creators’ Blog

Looks like Comic Kid went on one of his crazy/weird adventures again. This time he went to Reality TV Island.


Get your white puffles on Club Penguin! (and a Rockhopper tracker I found)

6 03 2009

You can now adopt white puffles on club penguin!


According to thee adoption catalog,they are gentle and strong,they like to skate,and they can freeze stuff with breath. But I can’t adopt them because I’m not a member of club penguin. Oh well.

Whatever you do, DON’T CLICK ON THIS!!!

I found a rockhopper tracker at http://clubpenguinhq.com

Here it is:
ClubPenguinHQ.com Rockhopper Tracker
It tells about which server Rockhopper is in and what room he’s in! This makes finding Rockhopper easier!