New Post On Creators Blog

28 04 2009

There’s a new post on the Poptropica creators blog.  I think it’s for Reality Tv Island.



Sled Racing Updates

22 04 2009

The Club Penguin creators has announced that Sled Racing will have music and other new stuff for it starting this Friday.  Sorry that this post is short.

*Slow motion replay of a penguin crashing during a Sled Race*

*Slow motion replay of a penguin crashing during a Sled Race*

Rockhopper In Disney World??

20 04 2009

You may have met Rockhopper in Club Penguin but have you met him in real life?  Your answer would probably be no.

The Club Penguin Blog announced that starting April 30 Rockhopper will go to Disney World (Located in Orlando,Florida)

But hurry fast because he will leave in May 13.

rockhopper and a blue penguin

Club Penguin Backgrounds

9 04 2009

The Club Penguin Support Team wants to know which background they should use for an upcoming party:

Choice #1,Choice #2,or choice #3

The backgrounds look very medieval  themed,which means there might be another medieval party!

On the Poptropica blog there’s a sneak peek of a damaged building


It might be for Astro-Knights island.

April Fools Party On Club Penguin

2 04 2009

Today is the April Fools Party ON Club Penguin!

Go underground then get a blue propeller hat!

How to fly with the hat:

1.Take off the penguins clothes except for the hat

2. Dance with the hat then youll start flying!

In the dojo,it is black and with there

And when you throw snowballs,they turn into paint balloons!

And also there are different boxes that do weird stuff.  Some even make you teleport to different places!