Early Poptropica Guide

Here is the guide for The Early Poptropica Quest.

Go inside the manhole cover in between the Soda Pop Shop and Pop art museum. Slide down the rope. Jump off the ledges (while avoiding spiders) and get a pig. Be sure to dodge the giant spider! Get out of the manhole cover and go to Early Poptropica and talk to the guy next to the fence. Then you’d give him the pig. Then,you’d see a well. Go inside the well,jump off the green platforms,and you should see a glowstick. Get the glowstick and go out of the well. Go back to the mainstreet and go in the manhole cover. Go all the way in the bottom where the giant spider is and go left. You should be in some kind of tunnel. Go left until you see a rope. Climb the rope and go right. Run right until you see two ropes. Climb the second one and go left to see another rope. Climb that rope and go left then you should see a giant egg. Pick up the egg. And get out of the manhole cover. You should be in the Poptropica towers. Jump up to a wire and go left. Keep jumping on the wires until you see a vine. Climb up the vine and go left. You should see a purple giant. Click on him and he’ll let you through. Jump over all the giant stuff and you should see a water bucket. Pick up the water bucket and go right. Jump over all the rocket ships and you should get a jetpack. Get the jetpack and get out of the skies. Go back to mainstreet and fly to the water tower with your jetpack and get a flag. Go to Early Poptropica. Talk to the random person next to the well and you’ll give him the water bucket. Talk to the guy next to the flag pole and you’ll give him the flag. Go right and you’ll see a ship. Talk to the random person on the ship and he’ll give you a medal. Congrats,you completed Early Poptropica!


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