Shark Tooth Island Guide

This is the Shark Tooth Island Guide. Go to Shark Tooth Island and you should be in main street. You would see some creepy person selling shark fins (you don’t have to get shark fins to finish shark tooth island) Talk to a guy next to the coconut cafe and he’ll give you coconut milk.

Professor Hammerhead’s  Journal Page-  First push a giant square rock until you see a vine at the top of the screen.  Jump on the rock and then jump on the vine and climb it.  Climb to a platform then jump to the second platform.  Run and then jump to go to the top of a building.  Then you’d see a paper.  Pick it up.  Jump off the building and go inside.

Secret Entrance-Jump all the way to the bottom to the water and jump on the gray platform.  Jump off the gray platform again before the bat hits you.  Swim left until you see a floating log.  Jump on the floating log then jump on the gray platform then jump on the moving gray platform. Jump on that then jump on the platform above it.  Jump on the swinging platform above it and wait for the swinging platform to swing left.  When it does jump on a place where  some green wall is.  Click on the face on the wall.  You’re supposed to spell open but you have to spell it in a different language.  Use the piece of paper you have to help you (you’re on your own on this part because the code is different each time).  When you’re done the green wall will open and go inside.

Dungeon-Jump to the bottom until you reach the water.  Wait for a giant worm to pass bye and jump to the top of the golden shark statue and wait for the swinging platform.  Jump on the swinging platform and wait for it to swing left.  When it does jump off of it and go on a platform and go on another platform and another one then you’d see a pit with a spiky wall.  Fall off of the pit on purpose and go left and get a dinosaur bone.  Now jump on the golden shark statue again,wait for the swinging platform,jump on the three platforms and you’d see the same pit with a spiky wall.  But don’t jump down there!  Wait for a moving plat form and jump on it.  Wait for it to go left and jump on a platform then go left.

Key Ingredients-Swing down the vine and jump up on some platform and get something that looks like a pot of gold.  You might think you’re lucky but unfortunately it’s not a pot of gold it’s just some key ingredients.  Climb up a vine then go up. You are now in mainstreet.

Poison Coconut- Go to Booga bay.  Someone should give you a grass skirt.  Put it on.  Go to ancient ruins.  Push the giant square rock until you see a vine.  Jump on the giant square rock then climb the vine.  Jump up two platforms then you’d see another vine.  Climb up that vine.  Then you should be on a tree. Climb up the vines on the tree then you should see a guy with a mask.  Talk to him then he’d mix up some ingredients  and he’d give you a poison coconut.

Knocking out the shark-Go right and swim in the water to the right.  You should see a cannon.  Click on it.  Shoot the cannon then the shark should turn green.  Swim to the right and you should see Professor Hammerhead and a boy.  Talk to Professor Hammerhead then he and the boy should follow you.

Getting your reward-Lead the boy and Professor-whatever to safety.  Talk to the crying mom and Professor shamrockhead will give you a medal.  Congrats,you completed Shark Tooth Island!


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