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How to tip the Iceberg In Club Penguin

There are two ways to do it.

#1 At least 100 penguins has to be in the iceberg,they have to be the same color and they have to dance or drill and not stand still. You can’t have puffles with you and you can’t have clothes (except for mining helmet and hard hat)

#2 (don’t know if this one works)You have to be the ONLY penguin at the iceberg. You go in the middle of the iceberg and drill for ten minutes. Wait until it tips!

Proof that the iceberg could be tipped:



3 responses

10 05 2009
king boy2

how did u get it to tip! i have been trying that for twenty minutes not ten i think it should work

27 04 2009

How do you tip the iceberg?

Skyninja: You can’t really tip it. I just put it there for fun.

2 05 2009

How do you get the drill

Skyninja:They were at the dojo but now they’re gone.

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