Cool Poptropica Cheats

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How to carry the glowstick everywhere with you

Be sure you completed the early poptropica quest before you do this! First,go to Early Poptropica and put on your jetpack then go inside the manhole cover next to the skatboard guy in the Poptropica towers. When you’re inside take off the jetpack and go outside the manhole cover. Congrats,you could carry the glowstick around with you!

How to carry the torch everywhere with you

Be sure the rocks that are blocking the cave in the vikings times got blasted!

First,put on your glider. Then go inside the cave. While you’re in the cave take off the glider and get out. Congrats,you could now carry he torch with you!

Weird Glitches


ctrl+shift+r = you could randomize your

Poptropican and your Poptropican might have a cellphone!

ctrl+shift+p = your Poptropican wears a pumpkin mask

ctrl+shift+s =Your Poptropican will have a diffferent skin color

ctrl+shift+2 = Your Poptropican will start crying

ctrl+shift+1 = your Poptropican starts laughing (credit to Colette Elizabeth )

ctrl+shift+3 = Your Poptropican head’s blows up (credit to Colette Elizabeth)

ctrl + shift + 4 = Your Poptropican jumps (credit to Colette Elizabeth)

ctrl + shift + h = Your Poptropican’s hair color changes (may not work on some computers and credit to Colette Elizabeth)

Nabooti Island Cellphone glitches

You have to have the cellphone before you do this


1225 = You’ll dress up as Santa Claus

911 = You’ll dress up as a police officer (duh)

411 = Your head will be replaced with a brain!

1337 = You’re a nerd!

If anyone knows anymore codes that works then please share them

Click here if you have a cool costume on Poptropica that you want to share with everyone else:


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7 responses

11 04 2009

Skyninja: Those ARE the codes but you’re probably not doing them correctly. And don’t think you can get away with the words you just used.

10 04 2009

if u put ctrl + shift + 911 your gal will laugh in a different way.

24 03 2009

Go to 24 carrot than go to carrot king dinner. After that go to the containers which have colors in it. Click on it than fill the cup with white. When your poptropica charecter drinks quikly press ctrl+shift+s then close the windo and re-open your character and he or she should be holding a cup of black juice.

28 02 2009
Nice Bubbles

Thanx 4 the credit, I changed my name to Nic e

16 02 2009
bronze foot


16 02 2009
Colette elizabeth

also crtl+shift+1=laugh, crtl+shift+3=mad, crtl+sft+4=jump, also crtl+shift+h= hair color change may not work on some computers!

Skyninja: Thanks! 😀

16 02 2009


Skyninja: Yup.

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