April Fools Party On Club Penguin

2 04 2009

Today is the April Fools Party ON Club Penguin!

Go underground then get a blue propeller hat!

How to fly with the hat:

1.Take off the penguins clothes except for the hat

2. Dance with the hat then youll start flying!

In the dojo,it is black and with there

And when you throw snowballs,they turn into paint balloons!

And also there are different boxes that do weird stuff.  Some even make you teleport to different places!


April Fools Party and card jitsu thing

30 03 2009

Club Penguin is going to have an April fools party on April fools day!

The Cp blog said there will be lots of surprises in the party.

Card Jitsu

In early April,there will be a new set of puffle trading cards.

You could enter codes to get new cards!