Club Penguin Backgrounds

9 04 2009

The Club Penguin Support Team wants to know which background they should use for an upcoming party:

Choice #1,Choice #2,or choice #3

The backgrounds look very medieval  themed,which means there might be another medieval party!

On the Poptropica blog there’s a sneak peek of a damaged building


It might be for Astro-Knights island.


Big Nate Island,French Island Sneak Peek, Astro Knights Notification,And Competiters in Reality TV Island

11 02 2009

Big Nate island is coming tomorrow! I can’t wait!

But too bad the actual comics stink. Oh well.

Here’s a picture from the poptropica creators blog that might be from the French themed island:

Don’t forget to sign up so the poptropica creators could send you a email to let you know when Astro Knights is ready!

And here are some people you might be facing in Reality TV Island:


You’ll be competing against a girl scout,a girl who listens to pop music,a athlete,and a magician.

New Island Coming To Poptropica This Spring!!!

1 02 2009

Yup. It’s true. After Reality TV Island there’s going to be a island called “Astro Knights” island ! I made a mistake. Reality TV island comes out AFTER Astro knights. Thank you Rufaid for correcting me.

Click to find out more

Click to find out more


30 01 2009

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