Rockhopper In Disney World??

20 04 2009

You may have met Rockhopper in Club Penguin but have you met him in real life?  Your answer would probably be no.

The Club Penguin Blog announced that starting April 30 Rockhopper will go to Disney World (Located in Orlando,Florida)

But hurry fast because he will leave in May 13.

rockhopper and a blue penguin


Get your white puffles on Club Penguin! (and a Rockhopper tracker I found)

6 03 2009

You can now adopt white puffles on club penguin!


According to thee adoption catalog,they are gentle and strong,they like to skate,and they can freeze stuff with breath. But I can’t adopt them because I’m not a member of club penguin. Oh well.

Whatever you do, DON’T CLICK ON THIS!!!

I found a rockhopper tracker at

Here it is: Rockhopper Tracker
It tells about which server Rockhopper is in and what room he’s in! This makes finding Rockhopper easier!

Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin!!!!!

25 02 2009

Yay rockhopper is coming to club penguin!  I can’t wait!  If you find him then he’ll give you a “prize”.  So go find rockhopper on club penguin!